Used In Japan

Next Stage CHALLENGE to the "WORLD"

Next Stage CHALLENGE to the "WORLD"

Next Stage CHALLENGE to the "WORLD"

What is Used in Japan?

People outside Japan tend to have an image that Japanese like things to be neat and handle things very carefully.
On the other hand, they think Japanese let go things easily and purchase replacements often.
This means that we can find many secondhand items in very beautiful condition in Japan compare to the other countries.

"Made in Japan" is truthworthy and highly recommended worldwide.
Us, Gallery Rare is also loved by many customers outside of Japan.
So in order to serve better to more people, we will continue to appeal more "Used in Japan" to the world.

Gallery Rare has over 40 years of sales performance in Japan.
Our professional appraisal skill of luxurious brand items, watches, jewerlies is incomparable among Japanese secondhand dealers.
We will provide our best service with pride and confidence.

Used in Japan The story behind our Sakura Symbol.

The symbol is inspired by Sakura, which resembles our country, Nippon.
Our wish is to spread the concept "Used in Japan" with our beloved national flower.

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