Membership Agreement

- Membership Agreement

This Membership Agreement describes the use of our services (herein after referred to as “the Services”) by the individual (herein after referred to as “Member”) who apply for the membership of Gallery Rare Shopping Website (Hereinafter referred to as “Website”).
Once an applicant submits an application, Gallery Rare Ltd. (Hereinafter referred to as “Gallery Rare”) presumes that the applicant has agreed to the Membership Agreement.

 – Membership Registration

Member is described as the user who registered the application of membership service.
If the Member is the person who is over 20 as of the time of purchase of goods is able to apply for purchase.

 - Termination of Member

The members may terminate the use of the Services at any time.

 - Suspension of Use of the Services and Forfeiture of Membership

In the event that the Member falls under any of the following items, Gallery Rare may suspend the use of Services or forfeit the membership without any notice.

  1. Acts that hinder the Gallery Rare from conducting business by providing the false information upon Membership Registration or by the fact that significant prescribed change of registration has not been made.
  2. In the event of the Member breaches the Membership Agreement.
  3. In the event of Gallery Rare judges that the Member is relevant to anti-social force.
  4. In the event of the member is deemed inappropriate as the Member by Gallery Rare.

 - Prohibitions

The Member is prohibited from being engaged in any act that may fall under any of the following items.
Acts in violation of Terms of Use, or additional provisions provided by Gallery Rare.

  1. Acts which cause a damage, damnification or inflict a loss to Gallery Rare or third party.
  2. Acts contrary to public order and morals or violation of laws and regulations.
  3. Acts of membership registration using the false information or misleading information.
  4. Acts of distribution including but not limited to the computer virus, file, or program through such as e-mail which intentionally programed to destroy, restrict or obstruct the function of computer software, hardware or communication equipment.
  5. Acts of registering multiple accounts without justifiable grounds
  6. In addition to preceding paragraphs, acts that damage or forfeit the reputation of Gallery Rare, or any acts that deemed inappropriate by the Gallery Rare.

 Pursuant to the provision of the preceding paragraph, if the Member causes damage to a Gallery Rare or to third party, the Member shall be solely responsible to all the damage it incurs.

 - Personal information

Please refer to Privacy Policy separately provided by Gallery Rare.

 - Amendment to the Membership agreement

In terms of operating the membership service, if Gallery Rare needs to amend all or part of the Membership agreement, Gallery Rare may amend this agreement without the consent of Member.
In case that Gallery Rare may amend all or part of the Membership agreement, Gallery Rare shall set the effective date in advance and announce on the Website of GALLERY RARE Global Online Store prior 14 days.
The amended Membership agreement shall come into effect from the effective date.

 - Disclaimer

In the event of the member data loss or decipherment occurs due to breakdown and trouble of computer equipment or communication equipment for the Service provision and failure of communication line etc., Gallery Rare shall eliminate the data or terminate the Service without notice immediately with no condition
In the event of a damage caused by the Member to another Member or a third party by using the Service, the Member shall settle the matter at his / her own risk and expense and shall not cause any inconvenience or damage to Gallery Rare.
Gallery Rare shall not be responsible for any forfeiture of the Member’s data or any damage caused by inability of usage of the Service.

 - Governing Law and Jurisdiction

The Services shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Japan.

Any disputes arising from or in relation to use of the Services shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of Osaka District Court or Osaka Summary Court as court of first instance.

*On application of the Terms of Use, the English translation of the Terms of Use shall merely be used for reference.

Please note that only the Japanese version shall be applicable



会員規約は、株式会社ギャラリーレア(以下「当社」という)の運営するGallery Rareショッピングサイト(以下「サイト」という)の利用について、当社と会員が遵守する事項を相互に承認する為に定めるものとします。







  1. 会員登録内容に虚偽記載がある又は所定の変更手続等がないために、当社の業務に支障が生じた場合
  2. 本会員規約に違反した場合
  3. 当社が反社会的勢力に該当すると判断した場合
  4. その他、当社が会員として不適切であると判断した場合



  1. 本規約及び当社が提供する各サービスの利用規約に違反する行為
  2. 当社又は第三者に迷惑、不利益、損害を与える行為又はそれらのおそれのある行為
  3. 公序良俗に反する行為、その他法令に違反する行為又はそれらのおそれのある行為
  4. 虚偽又は誤解を招くような内容を含む情報を登録する行為
  5. コンピュータのソフトウェア、ハードウェア、通信機器などの機能を妨害、破壊又は制限するように設計されたコンピュータウイルス、ファイル、プログラムなどをメールなどの手段で当社に送信する行為
  6. 会員が、正当な理由なく複数の会員登録をする行為
  7. 上記各号のほか、当社の信用を毀損、失墜させる行為又は当社が不適当であると合理的に判断する行為





当社は、会員サービスの運営上の必要がある場合、会員の承諾なしに必要な範囲で本会員規約を変更できるものとします。本会員規約を変更する場合には、あらかじめ効力発生日を定め、効力発生日の14日前までにGallery Rareショッピングサイト上で変更後の規約の内容を会員に公表するものとします。変更後の規約は、効力発生日から効力を生じます。 


会員が、本サービスを利用したことにより、他の会員又は第三者に対して損害等を与えた場合、会員は自己の責任と費用において解決し、当社に対して何等の迷惑又は損害等を与えないものとします。 当社は、会員データが喪失したこと、又は会員が本サービスを利用できないことにより発生した一切の損害について、いかなる責任も負わないものとします。