"Togo & Etoupe": The Highly Recommended Combination from Hermes

We would like to introduce the Kelly 28 with Togo and Etoupe, which are popular material and color from Hermes.

There's an interesting story behind the Kelly bag: Grace Kelly, Princess of Monaco, famously used the bag to hide her pregnancy from the paparazzi.
Originally produced in 1935 under the name "Sac A Colorier," it was later renamed "Kelly" in honor of Grace Kelly due to this episode.

The most distinctive features of the Kelly bag are its trapezoidal design, two sewing styles known as Retourne and Sellier, and a single handle.


Togo leather is among the most popular materials out of approximately 30 leather types offered by Hermes.

Introduced in 1997, Togo is made from male calf leather, formally known in French as "Veau Crispe Togo," meaning "soft leather."

Hermes offers two types of cowhide: pressed and natural, each with its original leather texture.
Togo falls into the natural category and showcases creases, called "bloodlines," on its surface.
These creases vary in shape as they are traces of real blood vessels.

Togo allows you to fully enjoy the original texture of natural leather, boasting a high-quality and delicate texture that's neither too soft nor too hard.
This material is perfect for your first Hermes item as it doesn't easily show scuffs or smudges even with daily use.


Etoupe, a Greige color, is a standard and extremely popular color from Hermes.
Items in Etoupe not only exude elegance but also bring a youthful vibe to your mood and appearance when added to your outfit.

We highly recommend the sought-after combination of "Togo and Etoupe" as both the material and color are popular choices.

Of course, we also have a wide selection of Kelly bags in various materials and colors in our inventory.
If you find any items that catch your eye, please feel free to contact Gallery Rare!