"Lady Dior" the Most Iconic Purse of Christian Dior

This time we would like to introduce you "Lady Dior", which is a well-known beloved handbag from Christian Dior. Although Lady Dior is not an easy-to-buy item, it is highly popular among women of all ages.

Christian Dior" is a luxury brand launched by Christian Dior in France, 1946. It started as a fashion brand, but has currently developed by offering wide variety of items such as fragrance, cosmetics, jewerly and leather goods. Lady Dior was produced in 1994 as an icon bag of the brand - at that time it was named "Cannage Cuir". It attracted people's attention when Princess Diana participated in overseas diplomacy with it, and as the purse was beloved by her so much, two years after its birth it was renamed to "Lady Dior".

The special features of Lady Dior are its unique stitch and the logo charm. The Cannage stitch represents Christian Dior, and we can all recognize Christian Dior purses by this special stitch. The gold logo charm on the handle is also distinctive. It has four independent letters that spells "DIOR". This appealing charm on the purse is also an icon motif of the brand.

Lady Dior is not only popular for personal use but also as a present. Why not get this beloved purse as a gift?

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