ROLEX Oyster Perpetual Color Variations

I would like to recommend you the new ROLEX Oyster Perpetual, released in September. Recently, we have purchased the new Oyster Perpetual in at the store, so this time I would like to introduce it.

The new Oyster Perpetual dial colors have received plenty of attention and are the single factor that is most responsible for the model’s recent rise in popularity. In the past, Oyster Perpetual tended to have a relatively dark dial. This time, it is offers a variety of colors including a pale color.

Please let me skip the details of details of colors and sizes, but the highlight colors that are gathering attention are as follows.

- Turquoise Blue

- Yellow

- Green

- Coral Red

- Candy Pink

Personally, I am expecting Turquoise Blue will be the most popular color. The market price of the new Oyster Perpetual is not stable because the number of this item is still small in the purchasing industry, But it is a must-have item ♪ You can wear this watch with colorful dial as an accent color.

It may be difficult to get it because it is sold out one after another, but why not give it a try!