The history of CHANEL costume jewelery

We would like to look into the history of Chanel Costume Jewelry which is loved by women of all ages.Let’s time travel back to the 1920s when the very first pieces of Chanel costume jewellery came to fruition.

Coco Chanel thought she would like to give form to her ideas which is how to dress-up with not only clothes but also accessories.

At the beginning, only the wealthy could afford first Chanel jewelry line.

Therefore it was very rare and difficult to obtain them. Chanel had an impressive fine jewelry collection which was only made with fine metals and precious stones.However it was discontinued in 2010 unfortunately.

The history of Chanel Costume Jewelry began from the iconic Chanel Maltese Cross motif bracelet which was made with Enamel in 1927. Also in 1932, Chanel began experimenting with her first and only fine jewelry collection, dubbed the Bijoux de Diamants.

After that, Chanel started adding CHANEL Logo stamps and signature on their pieces in 1954. The most elaborate mark is three stars engraved underneath the trademark name. Also the famous camellia brooches and faux pearl earrings were launched around this time.

After Coco Chanel passed away in 1971, Alain Wertheimer and her younger brother Gerald, who are still in business, become painfully aware of the importance of leaving her name due to the greatness of CHANEL. Therefore they has started to file for trademark registration of Chanle jewerly.

The familiar Chanel plate with "CC logo" and "MADE IN FRANCE" was came out in this time. Since then, Chanel marks has been changed many ways such as denoting the year the piece was made along with the season. -Adding the number of year on the left side of the logo -Adding the letter of collection on the right side of the logo "P" for Spring "A" for Autumn "C" for the cruise collection This marks can be seen on present peices.

If you have CHANEL costume jewelery, let's take a look to compare the differences between the times when they were made, shall we?