AUDEMARS PIGUET's Shining White Dial- Royal Oak Offshore Diver

This is a limited model 'Royal Oak Offshore Diver' from Audermars Piguet, which is one of the three major watch brands, or also know as the 'Big Three'.

With Royal Oak's iconic elegant octagonal bezel and the tapestry dial, this 42mm steel case watch has the diver's watch function installed, enables divers to go 300 m underwater. The large tapestery dial and its bright white color expresses a sporty look than the original Royal Oak.

As it is called a 'diver's watch', you might be curious wondering if it actually works propertly at diving scenes. Well of course it works! It's Audermars Piguet- not only the design but its function is literally outstanding!

The masterpiece is 300 m water resistant and thanks to its 3120 caliber, its power can be reserved for 60 hours. But that's not all- the hands have given a phosphorescent finish, allowing divers to see the time clearly underwater.

Not only the rubber band, but the crown is covered in rubber too, so that it can be protected from water and sweats. Additionally, this watch comes with one white strap and one navy strap that matches perfectly with the dial, so you can enjoy it in two different styles!Why don’t you brighten up today's outfit with this Offshore Diver?