Top 5 Most Popular Women's Bags from Louis Vuitton

Bags are a popualr choice when purchasing luxury fashion brand items.

Louis Vuitton bags in particular, are cherished worldwide and are considered to be 'high-value' and appealing to people of all genders and ages. Louis Vuitton develops a rich variety of bags, from classic models like Monogram or Damier, to eye-catching designs.

Today, we would like to recommend the top 5 most popular women's bags.

1.Damier Neverfull PM

Neverfull is a classic tote bag from Louis Vuitton, and the brown Damier design is one of the brand's symbol. Thus this model is just right for those who wants to purchase a Louis Vuitton bag for the first time.

2.Monogram Empreinte On The Go PM

On The Go PM is one of Louis Vuitton's popular leather bag models. This model adds a touch of elegance to simple outfits, and it can be paired with various color combinations thanks to its pale shade.

3.Monogram Speedy 25

Speedy 25 was designed for daily use, even though boston bags are originally intended to be used for traveling. There are 5 different sizes, and Speedy 25 is a popular size that is easy to carry everyday.

4.Capucines BB

Capucines BB is recommended for those who are looking for a simple and feminine handbag design. This model can be used for any occasions since its design is not overly conspicuous, yet it subtly shows the brand logo.

5.Monogram Empreinte Neonoe

Drawstring bags can complement casual outfits perfectly, but if you choose Monogram Empreinte Neon from Louis Vuitton, it can also create a luxurious impression.

As bags from Louis Vuitton are high quality and practical, they are cherished by many. There is a wide range of choices, including classic models beloved for a long time and fashionable models inspired by current fashion trends.