Recommended Ranking of Used ROLEX Watches

ROLEX is a brand that can be described as number one in both popularity and recognition in the watch world. It has enjoyed high popularity for many years, but recently, with a growing interest in physical assets, its popularity is accelerating even more.

However, its popularity has risen so high that it is often complex to find them in official stores now. For those who are in that situation, we recommend to purchase a used ROLEX.

In this article, we will introduce the most popular and recommended ROLEX used watches.


The ROLEX Daytona is a model that represents the well-known brand. The basic model is made of stainless steel and comes in two dial colors: black and white.

In previous generations, the black dial Daytona was popular, but with the introduction of the current sixth generation, the popularity of the white dial has risen significantly. As a result, the white dial of the previous model has also become more popular. There are also Daytonas made of gold materials, featuring rare materials and colors like ice blue and meteorite.


In 1953, the ROLEX Submariner was born as the brand's divers' watch, which was the first watch to achieve 100 meters waterproof performance at the time.

It features luminescent paint on the indexes and hands for easy reading in dark underwater conditions, and an unidirectional rotating bezel for measuring diving time. It is considered as a historical collection that set the current standards of divers' watches.


The Datejust is considered one of ROLEX's three major inventions, equipped with the "Oyster Case," "Datejust," and "Perpetual." It is essentially ROLEX's classic collection.

One of the Datejust's attractions is its abundant varieties. With different sizes, materials, and various dial designs, it offers a wide range of options for finding the watch that suits you.



The Air-King is a recommended model for those who are purchasing a ROLEX for the first time. It is more affordable compared to other sports watches, and its simple design allows it to be worn with various outfits and styles.

Among ROLEX enthusiasts, it secretly gathers popularity as it holds the oldest "nickname" in ROLEX's history, despite being less known to the general public.

5.Oyster Perpetual

The Oyster Perpetual can be considered a model that laid the foundation of ROLEX. It incorporates two of ROLEX's three major inventions, the "Oyster Case" and "Perpetual."

The Oyster Perpetual's appeal lies in its wide range of sizes. It offers a broad lineup from women' sizes to boys' and men's sizes.