- Terms of return

The following terms shall be satisfied when returning goods;

  1. All of the accessories to the goods are included.
  2. Condition of the goods is the same as of when the goods were sent
  3. If the goods is used or altered, etc. at the customer’s, Gallery Rare cannot accept the return of the goods.
  4. The goods are not one of which return is not allowed.
  5. Sale items cannot be returned.
  6. Because of customs situation in certain countries are ineligible for return service.
  7. We do not accept returns of “BRAND NEW” goods.

      - Methods of return

      1. The customer may apply for return by the method designated by Gallery Rare. 

      - Procedures

      1. Please contact within three (3) calendar days of the arrival of goods.
      2. Make arrangement for return delivery of the goods within four (4) calendar days of the acceptance of application for return and notify
      3. Enclose the commercial invoice on the cargo. Please describe the goods as “RETURN ITEM”.
      4. Write "Re-Imported Goods" or "Return Cargo" in large letters on the surface of the package.
      5. Return of goods shall be conducted by a method in which tracking of the goods is possible without fail, and please notify Gallery Rare of the tracking No., etc.
      6. All transportation and customs clearance costs, etc. for returns shall be borne by the customer. Collect/Cash on Delivery (COD) shipments will not be accepted. 
      7. There are some cases where we will have to deduct extra charges from the refund amount when the attachments are missing or the goods has any damage that was not visible when the item was first delivered.
      8. To insure the cargo against damage or loss during return transit is the buyer’s option.

       - Refund of price of the goods

      • Gallery Rare shall refund the amount of price of the goods within ten (10) calendar days of the arrival of the returned goods.
      • The destination of refund shall only be the payment method, which was registered at the time of purchase.
      • The only item subject to refund shall be the amount of the price of goods, and return shipping fee, customs duties and other expenses that have been borne by the customer shall not be refunded. These charges can be refunded from your country's customs office.

      - On product inventory

      1. Goods in the Services shall have the same inventory as for other EC sites operated by Gallery Rare. Please understand in advance that even in the case where the customer is in the process of purchasing, if purchase via another site is determined first, the customer’s purchase will be cancelled.

       *On application of the Terms of Use the English translation of the Terms of Use shall merely be used for reference. Please note that only the Japanese version shall be applicable. 




      • 商品の付属品が全て揃っていること。
      • 商品発送時と同一の商品状態であること。
      • お客様における使用や改変等が行われている場合には返品はお受けできません。
      • 返品不可商品でないこと。
      • セール品は返品不可商品です。
      • 関税やその他輸入時に発生する費用の支払い拒否による返品はお受けできません。
      • 新品商品の返品はお受けできません。




      1.  商品到着後3日以内にまでお申し出ください。
      2.  返品の申込み受付より、4日以内に商品の返送手配を行い、までご連絡ください。
      3.  “RETURN ITEM”と記載されたコマーシャルインボイスの同封をお願いいたします。
      4.  貨物の表面に"Re-Imported Goods"または"Return Cargo"のご記載をお願いいたします。
      5.  返送の際には、必ず追跡可能な方法で行うものとし、追跡番号等をお知らせください。
      6.  返送にかかる輸送費や通関費用等は、全てお客様の負担となります。代金引換での発送はお受けできません。
      7.  付属品の紛失、または商品状態が最初に発送された際と異なる場合、返金金額から追加料金を差し引く場合がございます。
      8.  返送中の貨物の損傷または損失に対しての保険はお客様の任意になります。


      • 当社は、返品商品の到着後、10日以内に商品代金を返金いたします。
      • 返金先は、ご購入時にご登録いただいていた支払い方法のみとなります。
      • 返金対象は商品代金のみとなり、お客様にご負担いただいた返送料、関税費用やその他の費用については返金いたしません。関税費用の返還に関するお問い合わせは仕向地の関税局に直接お問い合わせください。