- Delivery business operator

  1. Goods purchased by the customer shall be delivered by the delivery business operator designated by Gallery Rare. The customer may not designate other business operators due to personal reasons. 

- Delivery of goods

  1. Gallery Rare shall send out the goods within 3~5 (three to five) business days from when the payment is confirmed.
  2. Dates, etc. shall be based on the Japanese calendar, and holidays and national holidays shall not be included in business days.
  3. Purchased goods shall be delivered to the address registered in the customer information as of the time of payment. Please understand in advance that Gallery Rare will not send out the goods to a place other than the registered address, or APO/FPO.
  4. Gallery Rare shall assume absolutely no liability whatsoever for delays of delivery etc. arising from events beyond the control of Gallery Rare, including weather, natural disaster, riot, other force majeure or customs clearance procedures, etc.
  5. Gallery Rare will not ship goods that cannot be exported, such as products that use materials the export of which is regulated by the Washington Convention. There is information on each product page as to whether or not export is possible. Please be sure to check the information on each product page before purchasing.
  6. Exporting may be regulated by measures, etc. at the destination (e.g., OFAC regulations in the United States). Please understand in advance that in such instance Gallery Rare may suspend or cancel the transaction at its discretionary judgment.

- Terms, etc. regarding exporting

  1. Concerning export of goods, delivery fees for goods up to the terminal of the destination and insurance fees during delivery shall be borne by Gallery Rare.
  2.  The following cost shall be borne by customer.
  • Import customs duties
  • Clearance fees for import
  • Service tax
  • Other taxes (VAT, etc.)*
  • Other expenses at the destination

*Other taxes shall be set by the laws and ordinances, etc. at the destination.

*On application of the Terms of Use the English translation of the Terms of Use shall merely be used for reference. Please note that only the Japanese version shall be applicable.





  1. 商品は、お支払い確認後3~5営業日以内に発送いたします。日付等は日本のカレンダーに準拠するものとし、休日・祝祭日は営業日には含まれないものとします。
  2. ご購入いただいた商品は、決済時においてお客様情報として登録されている住所宛てに配送いたします。登録場所以外の場所やAPO/FPOへの発送は対応いたしませんので、予めご了承ください。
  3. 天候、災害、暴動、その他の不可抗力や、通関手続き等の当社のコントロールの及ばない事由等により生じた配送の遅滞等については、当社は一切責任を負いません。
  4. 当社は、ワシントン条約で輸出が規制されている素材を利用した商品等、輸出の対応ができない商品については、発送いたしません。輸出が可能か否かについては、各商品ページにてご案内しております。ご購入の前に、必ず各商品ページの案内をご確認ください。
  5. 仕向地の政策等(例:米国におけるOFAC規制等)によって、輸出が規制される場合がございます。この場合、当社の判断により、お取引の中止や取消等を行うことがございますので、予めご了承ください。


  • 輸入関税金
  • 輸入の通関手数料
  • サービス税金
  • その他税金(VAT等)※
  • 仕向地で発生するその他の費用