The masterpiece from France: Goyard's Saint-Louis

Back in 1792, Pierre-François Martin founded the brand Maison Martin, which was popular for their suitcases. After that, Francois Goyard took over the credible technique and founded the brand GOYARD in 1853.

You may all know the representative bag of GOYARD is the Saint-Louis Bag, but have you ever heard about "Goyardine"? Most people may not be familiar with this word, but Goyardine is the name of the symbolic design of the brand. The motif was inspired by trees, which is not only gimmicky but also makes people sense the nature from its strong design. This design is said to be expressing the history of human and the Goyard family.

Goyard is particular about not only the design but also about the material. They use a special waterproof canvas which is a perfect material for achieving weight reduction, water resistance and durability. For those of you who needs to carry around many things daily, the Saint-Louis Goyard Bag is perfect for you! You will no longer need to be stressed about carrying heavy purses. Also, it goes well with any types of fashion and it can be an accent for your outfit.

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