The Lasting Beauty Brand - Cartier

We are always fascinated by Cartier's jewelry.

Known as one of the world's five major jewelers, including Tiffany & Co. and Bvlgari, Cartier is a brand loved by royal families, and is often chosen for wedding rings and engagement rings. With its timeless beauty, Cartier's necklaces are especially popular not only as a treat to yourself, but also for a matching set. Let us introduce two of their recommended necklace models, both perfect for women and men.

Popular Necklace no.1: the "Love" Necklace

The "Love" collection represents Cartier the most among all of the other collections, and has the most romantic jewelry concept ever. There are several engravements of a screw on the flat ring motif which represents "Eternal Love". Simple yet original, this masterpiece symbolizes the inseparableness and commitment of true love.

There are various types of Love necklace, such as those with one ring, three rings, ones made of three different golds, ceramics, etc. Its unisex design is cherished by men and women of all ages. Not just the necklaces, but the rings and bracelets are also as gorgeous. We recommend you to get a full set if you want to enjoy this colection.


Popular Necklace no.2: the "Trinity"

The popular collection "Trinity" is a long-seller that was born in 1924, dedicated to those who love and enjoy their life. The three rings gets intertwined and gives a move - inspite of its plain design, the pendant stands out more than you think. Each of the three Trinity rings has its own meaning: pink gold represents "Love", yellow gold represents "Loyalty", and white gold represents "Friendship".

This three-ring design can be stylish at times, while in others elegant - depending on how you coordinate. There are variety of Love neckalces, but we particularly recommend the diamond-encrusted one, as it is perfect for a chic look and you can enjoy the luxurious brilliance of Cartier. For those of you who are willling to purchase Cartier for the first time and for those who wants to give it as a gift, don't miss your chance to get them at Gallery Rare!