The History of GUCCI Bamboo Bag

GUCCI marks its 100th year this year.
As a celebration, an interactive exhibition called “GUCCI BAMBOO HOUSE” was held in Kyoto which is a sister city of origin of brand, Florence.

In this blog, we will be talking about the History of GUCCI’s iconic bag the Bamboo Handle Handbag.
The founder of GUCCI, Guccio Gucci Introduced the Gucci Bamboo collection to the world in 1947.
The first Bamboo Handle handbag was crafted in Pigskin just like the other Gucci Bags. However, because of the World War II, it results to the shortage of the leather material. To save the materials, Guccio Gucci came up with the ideal of using the Bamboo for the handle of the bag.

The interesting part is the Bamboo was originally imported from Japan. Also, the handle part of the bag is hand crafted by the highly professional Gucci crafts men. Because of this, not a single bamboo handle is ever the same and it makes the Bamboo bag more special.This year GUCCI introduced the newly designed Diana bag 20 years after the original model caught the royal princess's attention.

Diana bag was named after the Princess Diana as Diana’s Favourite bag back in the 90's. Also Gucci Diana represents the freedom to be yourself just like the Princess Diana did.

Alot of celebs have already been seen carrying the latest edition of the Diana purse already.
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