The Doraemon x Gucci Collaboration

I've personally been impressed by the increasing number of collaborations between brands over the past few years, but here's the one that surprised me the most recently!

The Doraemon x Gucci Collaboration!

Gucci released the Doraemon x Gucci collection in honor to the 50th anniversary of the one and only cosmic cat we all know from a Japanese anime.

Take a look at this bag, with Gucci's chic color design and and Doraemon's cute smile. I think there are many people who were surprised by this collaboration like I was.

Alessandro Michelle, who is currently the creative director of Gucci since 2015, is famous for being described as a "Genius". When it comes to "Genius", even the Japanese anime characters are fashionably designed with Gucci's essence. Doraemon's classic blue takes over the GG motif and leaves a strong impression on us.

The products are promoted through Gucci's digital channels and selected Gucci stores worldwide, as well as through Gallery Rare physical and online stores.

People have their own preference of color tones and designs, but if you find your favorite on our website, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will feel really honorable to give you a chance to enjoy the attractiveness of Doraemon x Gucci collection.