"Onthego" - a Highly Recommended Purse for Daily Use!

We all need a favorite purse for work, vacations.. basically any kind of situtations. There are some people who like to change their purses to match their Outfit Of The Day, but for those of you who don't want to change their bags often, I recommend you LOUIS VUITTON's popular model - the Onthego.

Onthego has a high storage capacity - it can hold documents and laptops securely. It has a variety of 3 sizes, and the one shown on the picture is the largest GM size.

The purse has a hook on the top, so you can close it even if it gets full with your belongings. Also, it is made of durable materials, which makes it very sturdy. It is definitely the pefect purse for women who tend to carry a lot of stuff!

The functionality is not the only important factor when choosing a bag - the design is also a priority. If you're going to use it everyday, it's even more important. You must LOVE the design.

This Onthego is made of Monogram Giant, which is a larger version of the regular Monogram pattern. The sides have different color schemes, one is the normal monogram color while the other is a Monogram Reverse which the color scheme is swapped. This playful touch is beloved by all LOUIS VUITTON lovers. And what's more, it has additional longer handles so that it can also be used as a tote bag.

What is amazing about this purse is that its impression changes depending on how you hold the bag and how you show the design. No wonder it is one of the most popular LOUIS VUITTON purses!

At Gallery Rare, we have a large selection of LOUIS VUITTON. If you are considering purchasing one, do not hesitate to contact us!