Cartier Love Bracelet

Cartier's Love bracelet is one of the most symbolic love collection. Love Bracelet was designed by the Aldo Cipullo in 1969. This Famous collection has always been popular for decades. However the popularity has surged back again. In this blog we will be talking about this interesting cartier's love bracelet.

The Love bracelet was designed to be fit into the wrist and it is unisex piece. The most unique part of the bracelet is you will need to use the tiny gold screws to wear it. As this bracelet is sympolize the "locked into love" and you will need another person to wear it.

The Love bracelet does not have serial number when it was intorduced to the world. However the counterfeit market has been expand and cartier had to prescribe each bracelet with the unique serial number.

Another interesting part is the design of the bracelet was inspired by the medieval chastity belts. Love bracelet is often been referred as "Modern love handcuffs" as it sympolizes the "Bond of Love".